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Artificial Snow

Bring a white Christmas inside with our artificial snow products. Once you've created the perfect Christmas wonderland, you need to finish it off with fresh blanket of snow!

White Scatter Flakes

Beautiful artificial snow helps you bring the outdoors in! Your Christmas display is not complete without some bright white snowflakes.

Iridescent Scatter Flakes

our shimmering iridescent scatter snowflakes are perfect for adding a touch of dainty sparkle to your indoor Christmas displays. Flakes have a pinkish hue to provide the shimmering effect.

Deluxe Snow Blanket

A lush, thick roll of artificial snow. This snow blanket measures a full 4" thick x 60" wide by 30' long. Perfect for filling in large areas of your display. Add some scatter flakes for a realistic look!

Standard Snow Blanket

Add this beautiful snow blanket to your displays to give them a perfect finished look. Snow roll measures 2" thick x 27" wide x 60' long. Add some scatter flakes for a realistic look!

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