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C7 Giant Bulb Specs:

Width: 24" x Height: 71"

Weight: 48 Lbs

Cord: Flex PVC

Plug: Weather treated painted wood

Colors: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and White

You can choose colors of choice!

Cord and plug sold separately from bulbs

Stands 6ft tall

Made in the USA

Fiberglass bulb and base

Illuminated by bright RGB LEDs

Can be programmed to be ANY 

color and can change color

Daisy-chain multiple bulbs

Safe for indoor and outdoor use

Giant Fiberglass Ornaments

Our giant fiberglass ornaments are made with marine-grade gelcoat and glitter finish for durability and high-shine.

Stock Colors: Brilliant Fire Red, Brilliant Emerald Green, Brilliant Canadian Blue, Brilliant Lime Green, Brilliant Light Purple, Brilliant Chrome Silver, and Brilliant Light Gold 

Cost for Custom Colors ranges from $15 - $100 per ornament and dependent on quantity ordered.

Add a vinyl logo to your ornament for $100. Ideal for businesses to sponsor decorations for their city or shopping center. 

Fiberglass Ornament Ball Stacks

Stacks - Mix and Match Colors

4-Ball Stack

10-Ball Stack

Framework is included with all stacks

Require 50% deposit for fiberglass orders.

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